How Do Digital Assets Affect You?

In addition to physically storing important documents, we have frequently been asked if we can provide a safe and secure digital storage facility. Over the last two decades we have witnessed a huge growth in digital asset use. Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, Amazon, Ebay, Paddy Power, the list almost is endless. There is also the issue of other missing assets, it is widely known that banks, building societies and insurance companies hold millions and millions of pounds belonging to what they term ‘orphan accounts’. All too often assets go unclaimed after someone has died because in this digital age there are hardly any passbooks or physical statements – as much is transacted entirely online.

After huge demand we have added a digital storage facility to add to our physical document storage facility. We have launched My Digi Safe to enable our clients to store vital information safely and securely and keep it current and up to date with 24 hour online access. This critically important information can be accessed when needed by your named authorized personal representative. Click here to find out more. You can register for a free 30 day trial on My Digi Safe.

My DigiSafe

What is Included?

All of the data needed can be safely and securely digitally stored and provided to your nominated personal representative when needed, and as part of your subscription your Key Contact will be provided with a complimentary account of their own 0 but without their own Probate Guide. Unless of course they become a subscriber.

This could be:

  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Online bank accounts
  • Links to Digital media (including videos, photographs etc.)
  • Digital subscription services (Netflix, Spotify etc.)
  • Online gaming accounts (Bet365, Paddy Power etc.)
  • Retail outlets & Loyalty cards (Nectar, Tesco Clubcard, eBay, Argos etc.)
  • Personal data needed for a probate application
  • Links to The Probate Guide – an easy to use probate application process